A Dove’s Wing


(Dreamspinner Press)

“When his nephew shoots a dove with a BB gun, veterinarian Abel March promises the remorseful boy that he will take care of the bird and its broken wing. He doesn’t count on the dove changing into a (very naked) man in the middle of the night.

The shapeshifter’s name is Darcy and his clan has just moved into the area, much to the dismay of some of the residents who hold prejudices against their kind.

Sweet and sometimes sassy, Darcy is the first man Abel has felt connected to for a long time. He wants to keep him safe, and when someone threatens him, Abel reacts with unusual ferocity. He’s falling in love with Darcy, but when circumstances separate them, he’s left not knowing if the sentiment is returned.

The answer to that question will change both of their lives forever.”

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A Dove’s Wing is part of Dreamspinner Press’ A Walk On The Wild Side Daily Dose, a collection of 30 sexy m/m stories featuring shapeshifters. You can purchase the entire collection here or peruse the individual titles here.