A Dove’s Wing

Growing up, the books I loved to read most were science-fiction and fantasy ones. While my love of the science-fiction genre has waned a little, my adoration of all kinds of fantasy stories is still going strong and when I have an idea for a piece of writing involving magic, demons, vampires or shapeshifters, I grab hold of that sucker with unholy glee.

As soon as I saw Dreamspinner Press’ submission call for this year’s Daily Dose collection, and read that it was all about shapeshifters, I knew I wanted to submit something. I had a couple of ideas and finally settled on the story of Abel, a small-town vet who falls in love with a dove shapeshifter named Darcy. A few months later, I submitted A Dove’s Wing, and a few weeks after that it was accepted. Yay! I loved every part of creating Abel and Darcy’s story, and today it’s out in the world, ready for you to read and (hopefully) enjoy.


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