New Release!

I have a new short story out in the world!

A couple of days ago Desire Behind Bars: Lesbian Prison Erotica was released by Bella Books, and is now available in various ebook formats and paperback.


I had a blast writing my story  Sweetie, and I can’t wait for the world to meet her. Here’s a short excerpt:

“I’ve made you happy, haven’t I, Sweetie?”

I lean into her touch, rubbing my cheek against her hand. “You know you have. You saved me.” She had. Twice. I can still remember the relief when she shouldered Janice away from me the first time, snarling at her to leave me alone before she walked away with a wink and a smirk for me. The second time, if she had asked me to kiss her feet after she dragged that bitch off of me, I would have. Instead, she said that I was hers and, after nearly beating Janice to death, no one had doubted it, and no one had dared to touch me again. When she came back from solitary, I licked her pussy in gratitude and she named me “Sweetie.”


“Why are we doing this again?”

Renee rolled her eyes at her boyfriend. “Because she’s my boss.” A tendril of annoyance coiled around her guts and gave them a yank. “And apparently, I’m the only one she trusts to feed her cats.” That wasn’t strictly true—no one else in Melinda’s employ would agree to go anywhere near the little hellbeasts, and as Melinda’s new assistant, Renee was the least important and most expendable employee. She hadn’t been in the position of refusing. She was still on probation, for god’s sake. So every day, twice a day, for the next week and a half, she had to schlep all the way to Melinda’s townhouse, and that was in addition to looking after the office and being on call for whatever bullshit errands Melinda thought of while she was away. Renee was busier with her boss on vacation than when the woman was actually here.

“At least we’re allowed to raid the fridge,” Renee reminded Trent although that wasn’t true either—she was allowed to eat Melinda’s food. Her boss had no idea that Trent was here with her in her fancy townhouse, and she’d be pissed if she found out.

Wandering around the living room, her boyfriend paused in his inspection of a cluster of ugly and undoubtedly expensive glass trinkets, and looked at her. “Mmm, low-fat and low-cal everything.” He rolled his eyes. “The woman must be part air-plant.”

Renee snickered. Melinda reminded her more of a praying-mantis, every ounce of softness dieted away until she was only muscle and sinew fuelled by ruthless ambition.

“Come on, let’s find the cats and get them fed. I want pizza.”

They searched the townhouse, but wherever Melinda’s two spoiled Sphynx cats were hiding, they weren’t coming out.

“You left their food out, Ren,” Trent reminded her. “They’ll come and eat it after we’re gone.”

She chewed on her bottom lip, undecided. “I’m meant to make sure they’re both alright.”

They were in Melinda’s bedroom. Flopping onto the bed that was too big to fit in any room of their modest apartment, Trent looked at her. “She’ll never know.”

Renee wasn’t so sure. “It wouldn’t surprise me if there were cameras everywhere.” Or maybe Melinda was just omniscient, like god. She certainly gave that expression at times.

One of Trent’s eyebrows quirked up. “Oh, really?”

Renee recognised that look twinkling in his eyes, the smile that crooked his lips. Pointing her finger at him, she said, “No.”

“What?” Laughter trembled on the edges of the word. His hands that had been resting on his stomach, smoothed down his flat belly to his belt buckle.

Renee watched him tap his long fingers against the metal sitting between his hips, above the growing bulge in his jeans. Her breath hitched, want blossoming in the pit of her belly.

In his jeans and worn t-shirt, the ragged ends of his shaggy hair spread over the luxurious bedspread, he looked as out of place as a piece of coal amongst a pile of diamonds. She probably looked the same way.

The smile on Trent’s face broadened, became knowing. The metal of his belt jingled as he undid it. The rasp of his zipper lowering had a shiver rilling down Renee’s spine.

Reaching into his jeans, Trent freed his cock from his underwear. Wrapping his fist around it, he pumped it slowly, watching as she drifted closer to him. Renee had felt a pull toward Trent since the moment they’d met, but his cock was like a magnetic field while she was a hapless piece of iron. Once she caught sight of it, she couldn’t stay away. Her helplessness before the power of his dick, made her grumpy.

“You’re a perv, you know,” she grumbled. She stood in between his spread knees where they dangled over the edge of the bed.

“You’re the one watching me jerk off,” he reminded her. “Now, come down here with me.”

“I never should have asked you to come with me tonight. You’re going to get me fired.” But she was already reaching under her skirt to pull off her panties.

“You hate your job and you hate your boss, too.”

He was so right.

Crawling over Trent, she straddled his lean hips and kissed him. She could just imagine the look on Melinda’s face if she saw them, her disgust as they mussed up her sheets. Desire flared, sucked up all the oxygen in her body, and became an inferno.

This was bad.

This was wrong.

Oh god, this was going to feel so good.

Trent’s hands found her beneath her loose skirt. He groaned into her mouth when he felt how wet she was, how ready. He pulled her hips down and this time it was her turn to groan as the length of his erection slid through the slick folds of her pussy. He was so hard against the softness of her sex. She melted against him, all resistance gone.

The rim of his dick rubbed against her clit. Sparks of pleasure whirled through her body, setting her nerves on fire. Urgency clawed her control to ribbons.

Reaching down, Renee positioned his cock and then surged down on it.

“Jesus Christ, baby,” Trent half-exclaimed, half-laughed. He squirmed beneath her, rocking his hips up to get nice and snug inside her. “I wasn’t ready.”

Renee circled her hips, glorying in the feel of his cock filling her up. She smirked down at Trent as his amusement died on a groan. “I was ready.”

She proved to him just how ready she was. She rode him hard, but he didn’t seem to mind. His hands clutched at her hips and then moved up under her shirt to find her tits. Yanking down her bra, he pinched her nipples, hard. Pulling and tugging, he thrust up into her as she slammed down on him. Renee had been right—it felt so fucking good and she screamed as she came, grinding down on him as he filled her up with his own climaxing pleasure.

“I think we should spend the night,” Trent said after they’d both gotten their breath back.

Renee stared at him. “And I think you’re crazy.”

Climbing off of him, she snatched her panties off the floor and hurried to the en suite bathroom to clean up before she dripped cum on anything. When she came back, Trent was standing by the bed, his jeans fastened. He was bent over to look underneath the bed and as she came in, he turned his head to look at her. “I found the cats.”

Renee looked under the bed. Two pairs of bright acid-green eyes looked back at her. Beneath one pair a mouth full of sharp teeth opened up and hissed.

She straightened. “Great. We’ve traumatised Melinda’s cats.”

Trent laughed. Putting his arm around her, he kissed her cheek. “Come on. Pizza time.”

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