New Release!

I have a new short story out in the world!

A couple of days ago Desire Behind Bars: Lesbian Prison Erotica was released by Bella Books, and is now available in various ebook formats and paperback.


I had a blast writing my story  Sweetie, and I can’t wait for the world to meet her. Here’s a short excerpt:

“I’ve made you happy, haven’t I, Sweetie?”

I lean into her touch, rubbing my cheek against her hand. “You know you have. You saved me.” She had. Twice. I can still remember the relief when she shouldered Janice away from me the first time, snarling at her to leave me alone before she walked away with a wink and a smirk for me. The second time, if she had asked me to kiss her feet after she dragged that bitch off of me, I would have. Instead, she said that I was hers and, after nearly beating Janice to death, no one had doubted it, and no one had dared to touch me again. When she came back from solitary, I licked her pussy in gratitude and she named me “Sweetie.”