New Release!


AL FRESCO from Ladylit Publishing, has made an early arrival in the world, and I couldn’t be more excited. This anthology may be mini, but it is jam-packed with sexy stories of lesbian lovers indulging their passions in the great outdoors.

Here’s a short excerpt from my story, Tryst:

Oh god, she was going to drive me mad. My clit pulsed with a sharp ache. I could feel the little bud swelling up in hungry demand, peeking through my pussy lips for Trina to touch. Her fingertips grazed the hypersensitive bundle of nerves and I flinched, a whiplash of pleasure rocking me in my seat. Trina didn’t look at me to see what was wrong—she knew what she was doing to me, she could feel it throbbing beneath her fingertips.

Trina rubbed little circles over the very tip of my bold clit. Pleasure fizzed and sparked through my body. My grip on the table tightened so much the tips of my fingers turned white.

You can buy AL FRESCO at:

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