Flat Out Fabulous

This is my entry for the lovely Sex Blog (Of Sorts) Lippie competition. I hope you enjoy it 😉

“Here she is. The one we’ve all been waiting for. The sexy, the irrepressible, the flat-out fabulous Miss Ruby Shimmers!”

The sound of applause drowns out the music’s intro. It makes her heart thump as it hadn’t a moment before, electricity buzzing along her nerves. Her stomach clenches below lungs squeezed breathless. “Breathe. Just breathe,” Ruby reminds herself and throws herself into the light.

The music catches her, wraps her in its arms like a lover, and spins her across the stage. She whirls so fast her self-doubt can’t cling on, flying off into the darkness beyond the burning bright lights. Why had she been so worried anyway? She doesn’t even know. She knows the music, knows the moves. God, she’s practiced so much the sequence is imprinted not just in her muscles, but on her bones, her soul. When she dies, she’ll dance this dance in the afterlife.

Ruby shimmies.

Ruby shakes.

She gyrates her hips and wiggles her ass.

She dances her black feathered fans across her body, playing peekaboo with her bare breasts. Her nipples are painted the same brilliant red as her lips, but with added glitter to catch the light, snare the eye.

She can feel the audience watching, wanting, feel the touch of their hungry eyes. She holds them all entranced.

Joy fills her up, bubbling out from her belly, a champagne fizz tingling underneath her skin. It spills out of her glitter-adorned eyes and the wide stretch of her blood-red lips. It tightens her nipples and makes her pussy throb, liquid lust spilling out. Bending over she wriggles her butt, displays the damp crotch of her frilled signature red panties, and listens to the crowd roar its approval, its desire. She looks over her shoulder and winks into the darkness, and they go wild again.

Ruby laughs. The silvery sound blending in with the music. She spins away, fans fluttering around her, stroking against her naked skin with a thousand airy fingers.

They haven’t figured it out. The nameless, faceless crowd—they think she dances for them.

She twists and twirls.

She taunts, she teases. Giving them a little, but never enough.

Ruby fucks the air and makes love to the music.

The only person she dances for is herself.

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