Wake-Up Call

“Wakey-wakey. Eggs and Bacey.”

Hugh didn’t even bother to open his eyes. “You lie.” There was no sizzling spicy smell of frying pork perfuming the air, and after a night like the last one, he wasn’t going to get out of bed for anything else.

“Okay,” Ashley admitted, sitting on the side of the bed next to his waist. “I lied, but I did bring you coffee. Mmm, yummy yummy coffee, just the way you like it.”

Hugh opened one of his eyes, just a crack. She wasn’t lying this time. There was a mug of pale tan liquid just in front of his face, and the smell—mmm, Hugh wanted to purr at the deliciousness of it.

But if he took the coffee then he’d have to get up. Getting up meant going to work and work meant misery no matter how much lovely coffee he had.

“No,” he snapped, squeezing his eyes shut and tightening the arms wrapped around the pillow beneath his head. “Want bed. Need bed.”

“Ugh, you are such a child sometimes. How about this?”

Hugh was intrigued enough to peek.

Slipping the strap of her camisole off her shoulder, Ashley bared one of her breasts. Dipping a finger into the mug, she brought a drop of the liquid to the tip of her nipple. It hung there, suspended, golden brown against the pink of her nipple.

“If you’re going to act like a baby,” she murmured, “maybe I should treat you like one.”

Careful of the cup still in her hand, she leant forward and grazed his mouth with her nipple.

The taste of coffee seeped into his mouth, warm and milky and sweetened with sugar and her skin. He couldn’t slip back to sleep now if he tried.

He licked his lips. “More.”

She smiled at his demands. Drawing back enough to dip her finger back into the cup, she smeared the warm liquid over all of her nipple. Hugh didn’t wait for her to lean back down—lifting his head, he sucked her wet nipple into his mouth. He licked the taste of the coffee away and then started to suck in soft rhythmic pulls, silently demanding more. This time, she dripped another drop just above the tight seal of his lips. He hummed in appreciation and Ashley moaned with the strength of his suck.

It wasn’t not enough.

Hugh released her nipple with a soft pop of sound. “More,” he growled, but when Ashley moved to hand him the cup, he put it on the bedside table. Liquid hits his hand as the coffee sloshed over the side, but he doesn’t care. Twisting his body, he bore Ashley back onto the bed. Her hands clutched at his shoulders as he moved on top of her, her legs spreading to cradle his bigger body.

“I thought you wanted more coffee,” she laughed.

“I don’t need coffee to wake me up,” he said, pushing up her camisole and rubbing his stubble-roughened cheeks over the ripe swells of her tits. He nipped at the peaks making her yelp and squirm underneath him, her pussy grinding against the hard line of his cock. “All I need is you.”

Hugh slanted his mouth over hers. Delving his hand into her pyjama pants, he played his fingers through her slick wet folds before strumming the hard knot of her clit. He ate the moans and whimpers from her lips and then made her make some more.

Thrusting two of his fingers into her, he pumped them once, twice, and then Ashley was coming, squealing her orgasm against his mouth, her cunt squeezing his still pumping fingers. Aftershocks were still shaking her when he slipped his fingers free, and, moving to the side, flipped her onto her belly. A little adjustment of their clothes and bodies, and then he’s inside her.

“Fuck, you feel so good,” he groaned into her ear. “So hot and wet and tight. Like fucking heaven.”

She moaned in answer, lifting her hips up to met his shafting cock, and then Hugh can’t speak anymore more. All he can do is fuck her hard and fast, but not too fast that she doesn’t come again, milking a bone-shaking orgasm out of his cock with lush, hungry pulls.

Breathing hard, they both collapsed onto the bed. Turning her head, Ashley kissed him. “Now I know the proper way to get you up in the morning.”

Hugh smiled against her lips, pleasure energising him better than any caffeine buzz. “Mmm, anytime.”

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