Achievement Unlocked!

Website is done!…Almost. Apart from a few little things like categories and widgets, everything is how I want it to be. As you can see, I have a beautiful new header image and there are pages that tell you where my stories have been published with descriptions and purchase links and everything. Finally, after years of procrastination and a couple of days of freaking out, I have made a tiny corner of the internet my own. If you could see me now you would need sunglasses because I am glowing with pride. Take that, my various neuroses! In your assorted faces!

To make my happiness even greater, my novella A Life Without received a wonderful review from Rainbow Book Reviews. You can read it here. It made me smile and do a little dance.

Okay, back to the wordmines. I have a young man who is just about to have a big kiss laid on him.

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